Female Athletes Take To Steroids for Adding Advantage and Fun to their Plate


There are body builders who love to show off the muscles of their body and they also work wonders with the strength that they gather in their muscles. You will find both male and female body builders. There are athletes who are females too and they are coming up from all over the world. These sports persons and body builders and gymnasts are both males and females and they need to maintain a huge body, agility and physical strength. You have known the males to use different steroids but the female body builders and professionals from all the athletic spheres also use steroids that can give them strong muscles and a lean, fat free body.

Females and minimum side effects

The female athletes have a different type of hormonal structure in their body and they need a different type of steroid that will give them good results with minimum side effects. There are women athletes who need something special than their male counterparts and these can be Anavar, Winstrol, Primobolan and Nolvadex. There are durabolin and Maxibolin too for the females who want to nurture their body in a special way. The application of a weight loss cycle is also taken into consideration and then the anabolic steroid doses are started to gain the best results.

Weak doses and short time span

The low doses of some of these anabolic steroids will have adverse effects on women and so they need to choose the steroids with care. The dosage that they would take is also to be decided after thorough consultation with physicians. These are so important as the steroid affects the endocrine system. Therefore a low dose of androgenic steroids are recommended for the females who are not that strong. The time period for taking these steroid doses are also shorter so that the effects are not introduced for a big time span.

Side effects for females

There are some common side effects from the steroids for females and these are experienced at times when the steroid doses or frequency are not controlled with care. They often show acne on their skin and even the skin turns exceptionally oily. They also show aggression and lowering of the tones of the voices. The disruption of menstrual cycle is also sometimes seen and some show clitoral enlargement as a side effect. The females also get a lot of hairs on their face, and limbs too.

Added advantages and positive effects

There are some positive effects too and the female athletes enjoy them immensely. They get increased energy for doing more workouts and they also feel well as a result of these steroids. The application of a weight loss cycle does not affect the steroid intake. They also recover faster from the rigorous workout pangs. The heightened sex drive and enormous muscles help them to enjoy life as per their own terms. The steroids also help in the decrease of fat in upper legs and arms andin the abdomen. This results in increased speed in the sports field or athletics that they are in. Women take steroids for cutting fat from their body in most cases and they have come to terms to work with all the added advantage that they can get.