How to get Deca Durabolin on sale?


Nandrolone Organon compound is named and sold by the brand name of Deca Durabolin. It has a 19-Nor compound and shares characteristic with other drugs. The drug has had a long history and was quite popular for bulking up. Dan Duchaine had recommended its usage in many of his writings. However, there is more to cover about the drug and understand it well before using.

Why should you take Deca Durabolin?

One thing you need to note about the drug is that it comes with lack of androgenic and estrogenic side effects. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any negative impact. It has low level of aromatization so you don’t have high level of estrogen in your body. The effect is 20% compared to testosterone rate. Before getting to know more, check out the countries where it remains legal to sell Durabolin so that you can purchase it with ease.

You are recommended to consume Durabolin for volume cycles and you need to take up around 600 mg per week. The cycles will go for around 12 to 16 weeks. If you want to go for the cutting cycle, you need to consume 400 mg for the same amount of time. You need to help prevent fluid retention with cutting cycle. You need to also add testosterone and anti-progesteronic drugs with the cycle for using the drug. Deca is also known to be good in PCT therapy and the drug is quite suppressive. The drug is worth the use of testosterone for two weeks after the end of Deca cycle. Note that the above graph shows that it takes about a month to get your testosterone level back to normal.

The use of testosterone cycle is longer than Deca Durabolin cycle and prevents lag. It is worth opting for PCT that works aggressively. You can also consider using HCG, Clomid, Nolvadex for getting your hormone levels back to normal.

How to get Deca Durabolin on Sale?

Are you wondering what will be the right amount to pay for Deca Durabolin? Do you want to know if it is expensive to buy the human quality from Organon or online? 2ml vial of the drug will charge you around $10, while there are many counterfeit sells in the market that you need to avoid.

It is cheaper to get the veterinary graded steroid that gives you a 10 ml bottle and costs around $75. The underground labs sell bottles of 10 to 20 ml with concentration of 200 mg and charges around $100.

Types of Deca steroids we can buy

Deca Durabolin is one of the most commonly purchased options among all the anabolic steroids. The drug has been around for a long time and people know that the chemical name is nandrolone decanoate.

You need to find out countries where it remains legal to sell Deca Durabolin to know where you will get them. You get pills, injections, capsules, and other forms to this drug. However, the most important thing is to get authentic version of the product.