What is Neurology & How Neurosurgery Improve Human Health

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Neurology is a remedial specialty that is concomitant with the diagnosis, surgical treatment and restoration of the illnesses which distress the nervous system. The nervous system has different part including brain, peripheral nervous system, spinal cord and extra-cranial cerebro-vascular system. This deals with the action of congenital situations, trauma, and infection related or wasting conditions.

General neurosurgery contains most of the state that are associated with nervous trauma or emergencies. One example is intracranial loss. This kind of operation is generally accompanying with the diagnosis and dealing of aneurysms, strokes, carotid stenosis, vasospasms and spinal deformities. Many a times, surgical dealings of these situations are conducted using slightly invasive methods such as angioplasty or embolization.

Spine surgery contains the treatment of illnesses affecting the cervical, thoracic & lumbar spines. The most communal conditions contain arthritis in the spinal discs, spinal cord compression that may be triggered by trauma or spondylitis. The symptoms seen are typically balance insufficiency or emotionlessness and prickling in the hands and feet.

The most communal peripheral nerve surgeries contain carpel tunnel decompression that deals the carpel tunnel syndrome and the peripheral nerve inversion. Apart from these focuseddivisions, neurosurgery also contains various surgical procedures for analyzing and treating neurosurgery situations. In the recent years, more present alternatives have arose and surgeons favor using them as they are less offensive and effective.

The conservative methods need open surgery where the skull is open to access the brain. The freshly developed methods allow experts to surgically treat the nervous conditions through smaller openings or minimal attack by making use of microscopes, endoscopes and such other approaches. Open operations are reserved for traumatic cases and crises.

Microsurgery makes use of atomic technology so that the doctors can treat affected areas of the brain through lesser openings. The cure area in this case is magnified. Today’s progressive equipment allows physicians to perform complex processes through this type of surgery. It is overall less offensive and convenient for the surgeon too. It is widely used in the treatment of pituitary tumors, cerebrospinal fluid leakage, hydrocephalus, colloid cysts and many others. It is also a part of modern neurosurgery and plays a huge role in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions.

A number of modern techniques, procedures and equipment have emerged, making neurology surgery more advanced and surgeons are better equipped to provide patients with accurate care. Neuro Clinic offer wide range of treatment options – from magnetic stimulation, to Neuro Outaouais gives us the opportunity to provide better tailored solutions, and ultimately, better care. The clinic the first to introduce mag-stim to the ottawa-gatineau region, and currently use it to treat multiple disorders, with a focus on depression and stroke rehabilitation. They breadth of clinical research allows us to provide neurological treatments, years before they become accessible to most specialists. The expert involvement gives the opportunity to develop better protocols and, most importantly, to help advance the treatments themselves. Our ability to combine treatments that provides the most avenue for increased efficacy.